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Covina Car Wheel Alignment Services

Raul’s Auto Repair car wheel alignment services in Covina.

Daily driving, potholes, and accidents can cause your car to become out of alignment. Misaligned wheels can uneven tread wear on your tires. Having your car’s alignment done will improve driver safety, increase fuel efficiency and optimize the life of your tires.

Regular tire alignment checkups are a must if you want your car to have optimal performance.
Our technicians can keep your car driving smooth and straight

Also, bring your in your car for a wide range of other needed repairs.

You can schedule a service appointment online or if you would like to speak to a service advisor call us now. Se Habla Español.

Car Wheel Alignment Services:

  • Inspect vehicle suspension and steering systems, including tire air pressure and tire condition
  • Vehicle placed on an alignment rack, where laser sensors are mounted and measure the current alignment settings
  • Print initial tire alignment readings

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