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Covina Engine Diagnostics

Raul’s Auto Repair Covina Engine Diagnostics service in Covina.

You need a mechanic who can pin point a problem your car is having correctly on the first visit. We invest continually in state of the art diagnostics equipment that is made specifically for your car.

Getting your car’s Engine Diagnostics done by Raul’s Auto Repair is fast, easy, and budget friendly. Our ASE Master Technicians are certified to diagnose any type of problem, and determine accurately what repairs are necessary. This diagnostic service should be performed when you are experiencing issues such as reduced fuel economy, or when a check engine or service engine soon light illuminates or flashes.

Why is regular engine maintenance important for your vehicle?

Your certified ASE Master technicians perform an engine diagnostics check, they start by looking at the information from the car transmitted to their diagnostic tool. From here, the mechanic expertly combines the performance data to create the best choice for you by:

  1. Finding out why your vehicle’s check-engine light is on
  2. Develop a recommendation to repair you vehicle
  3. Show you related problems, possible causes, and the degree of urgency, which you need to get your vehicle serviced

How often should I have my engine serviced?

Your vehicle provides key information in dashboard lights. If the check-engine light is illuminated, you should take your vehicle into service as soon as possible.

To find out how regular you should get your oil change, reference your owners manual. Otherwise, our oil change expert mechanics will be glad to inform you how often your oil change needs to be done.

Also, bring your in your car for a wide range of other needed repairs.

You can schedule a service appointment online or if you would like to speak to a service advisor call us now. Se Habla Español.

Engine Diagnostics:

  • Inspection of Engine related components
  • Engine System analysis
  • Pin Point testing

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